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You Think You Know a Gloom Chapter 18
With the rise of one hand, Chaney managed to raise the manor out of the rubble. Wood draped over wood. Nails drilled back into place. The windows shattered in reverse and back into one piece. The front door got off the porch and snapped back on its hinges.
As the construction was finishing Iris suddenly became very excited.  
“Squig!” she cried, seeing her giant worm descending from the clouds. Squig landed and lowered his head for his cyclops owner to smother him with kisses. “I missed you too, you big love bug!”
Dolce rode on Squig’s back and sighed with relief when she saw the group was back together again. “I so happy to see you alright Skelito,” she said. “Scaredy here, he was getting tired.”
She unfolded her hands and Scaredy fell out. He was exhausted and looked almost car sick from the adventure.
“I’ll tell you once I’ll tell you a thousand times, I am afraid of heights,” he said, clutching his s
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You Think You Know a Gloom Chapter 17
“You have some real nerve coming showing your face around here, Penny,” Chaney hissed.
Penny brushed the specks of fire out of her face as it were nothing. She then grabbed Chaney by beard and pulled him close, the onlookers gasping in fear. Skull Boy put a hand on Ruby’s shoulder so she wouldn’t hurt herself
“I think you’re the one who’s got nerve Chaney,” Penny said. “A lot of nerve to kidnap your own daughter. How could you possibly think she’d like it here?”
Once Chaney freed his beard from Penny’s grip he let out a fierce roar and the rest of him lit up with fire. He pressed his face so close to his ex’s their eyeballs were practically touching.
“Misto said our princess was being abused by people on the surface. As long as Ruby is my daughter I will never have anyone mistreat her,” Chaney said. “I was hoping that when she became a Spirit of Strife herself she’d come back and oblit
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You Think You Know a Gloom Chapter 16
“Doom?” Ruby called as she stepped through the last of the holes in the wall. “Doom, are you okay?”
The darkest room had nothing but a tall, eerie grandfather clock ticking with the rhythm of a heartbeat. An impression in the wall next to it showed something had ruptured the black wallpaper. Below it Doom was lying motionless on her face, surrounded by bits of gravel.
“Doom?” Ruby asked as she leaned over her cat. She put a hand on Doom’s chest. It felt limp like it had collapsed in on itself. “Doom? Can you hear me? Are you okay?”
Doom’s eyes were wide open, yet they stared at nothing. She didn’t budge or make a sound. Ruby picked her up and gently nodded the kitty’s head back and forth. Each time she let go it fell over like a doll’s. Not a Mr. Buns doll either, a lifeless doll with no beat to its felt heart.
Ruby’s eyes swelled up with tears. Doom couldn’t hear her pleas no matter how loud she
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You Think You Know a Gloom Chapter 15
For a while it seemed as though Penny was just driving the group through a bottomless pit of fire. It was boiling hot all around the coach. Clive and Barker’s reigns caught ablaze and started burning all the way up to Penny’s hands.
“Can one of you kids toss me a pair of oven mitts back there?” she asked to the passengers inside.
Everyone inside the coach took off layers and turned up the air conditioning to the max. Misery and Poe were in absolute agony, being dressed in elegant clothes and black feathers. Skull Boy popped off his hands for his friends to use as fans.
The only one to be having any real fun was Iris. “Wahooo! Hello underworld, thy name is Iris,” she called sticking her head out the window.
“Get your head back in the coach before someone sees you,” Penny snapped back.
“Awww. It’s a little bit cooler stick your head out in the fire,” Iris said. “Besides, who is gonna see me down here?”
Penny fi
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You Think You Know a Gloom Chapter 14
“Presenting,” Misto began, “Arthritis, the duke of pain and passion. With him is his son, Artie, prince of pain and passion.”
Ruby sat in a thrown beside Chaney. She was dressed in a black gown with white lace. A diamond tiara was placed on her head by Greed before the ceremony started. Greed said that the tiara made her look more like a queen than a princess, as if she knew that would make Ruby a little bit happier. Doom hid behind her and Chaney’s throne and peeked her head out to take a look at Ruby’s suitors.
Arthritis was a terribly crooked and old looking spook. He had a hooked nose and a back that made Ruby wince. Artie, his son, was wobbling on a cane and was almost half his father’s height. He was covered in so many bandages like he was wearing a cape. The duke nudged his son and he bowed to Ruby as best he could.
“Hmmf hmm,” said Artie, under his bandages.
“So weak,” Chaney whispered to his daughter, “if
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You Think You Know a Gloom Chapter 13
The talk with the sins was the best thing to happen to Ruby since she was taken to the Domain of Darkness. She actually had something to do in her imprisonment and the people she spoke to listened to her every word. In Gloomsville the advice she gave sometimes fell on death ears. Not here. Nothing was ever denied her under the will of her subjects and not just her father’s orders. Even the most humble person is going to like feeling pampered once in awhile.
Chaney hardly spoke to Ruby since the incident. He even refused to go on his daily Domain of Darkness routine with her, so Ruby did it alone. The worst part about all this is that while her father was absent, Misto was not. Ruby hated the site of him and Misto knew it. His smile went from uncomfortably persuading to twisted and deranged. He would approach her from behind and every time he did, Doom would alert Ruby as quickly as possible. Ruby would run as fast as she could for a group of Chaney’s subjects. She was alway
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You Think You Know a Gloom Chapter 12
“This is not a good idea,” Dolce said as she helped Poe load his laundry list of items into Penny’s carriage.
“My thoughts exactly Dolce,” Poe said, “for anything can go wrong from this point onward. On the plus side, if my life flashes before my eyes, I can at least appreciate all the good times we had.”
“You shouldn’t feel bad about us leaving Mrs. D,” Frank assured. “In fact, if you want we can stay with you keep you company.”
“Yeah! It’ll be just you and me! Oh and Frank too,” Len said.
“Guys,” said Skull Boy, “the only one that’s staying here while we rescue Ruby is Scaredy, remember?”
Scaredy popped his head out from under Dolce’s sombrero. “Oh, I’d like it to stay that way too. You never know what could happen in a place called the –gulp-, Domain of Darkness.”
“Exactly,” Dolce said. She stormed up to the front of the ca
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You Think You Know a Gloom Chapter 11
Chaney was a mess since Ruby’s failed possession. Nothing seemed to be going his way. No deals were made, no people were tricked. It was a terrible time to be a spirit of strife.
“I can’t be loosing my edge already,” he vented to no one but himself. If any of his subjects heard him, they tried to make him feel better. Chaney would crush them under his fist.
“If you ever suggest I’m loosing my touch, it will be the last thing you ever do.”
As the spirit of strife was coming back from a midnight affair on the surface world, Misto ran up to him in a frenzy.
“Oh your Abhorent-ness, your wickedness, it’s awful, simply awful,” Misto cried.
“Awful?” Chaney asked. “What is? Why be so glum about awfulness Misto? You are a stronger littler lecher than that.”
“No, no, no master. It isn’t that kind of awful I’m talking about. It’s the bad kind of awful,” Misto cried. “It’s
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You Think You Know a Gloom Chapter 10
“Take a seat around the séance table,” Penny said. “I’ll make us some coffee.”
Penny’s hut was a lot like Dolce’s hearse. It was much bigger on the inside than it was on the outside. There were pictures of people and places from around the world all over the wall. Strangely enough it didn’t look like Penny was in any of them. The most common pictures on the wall were of a group of pale-faced teenagers dressed in black. They looked like they were at least Frank and Len’s age. No one smiled in them. There was nothing but dissatisfied glares at the cameraman.
“Your house,” Dolce said, “ees clean for once, senorita.”
“Dolce,” Penny said, “why are you talking like that? I thought you said it was just your job that made you call everybody ‘senor’ and ‘senorita’?”
Dolce shrugged. “I can be a bit formal every once in awhile can I not?”
“You told m
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You Think You Know a Gloom Chapter 9
Chaney was a polite character.
Or at least, he was polite to his daughter.
Everywhere he led Ruby in his strange dominion of darkness people stopped what they were doing and bowed, addressing him as “your wickedness” or “your loathsomeness”.
Chaney lifted his head and smiled a smile too difficult for Ruby to read. This wasn’t helped the fact that he was so much taller than her that she could hardly see his face a lot of the time. Ruby and Doom had the same thought. “Is he trying to hide his smile from me?”
Once in awhile one of Chaney subjects stumbled on their words. They’d accidentally call him, “your majesty” or “your highness”. Chaney did one of two things. Shoot the person who complimented him down with a mean glare, or, summon a fire hand to grab them by the neck and throw them against the wall. It all depended on how close he was to any walls at the time of the compliment.
“Never say that to me again,&
:iconghost-peacock:Ghost-Peacock 2 1
You Think You Know a Gloom Chapter 8
The hearse Dolce drove was remarkably run-down and cheap for the owner of a classy restaurant. At least, it looked that way to Skull Boy when she first met him and his friends at the ruins of their manor.
“Everyone, this is my boss, Dolce,” Skull Boy said, properly introducing her to his housemates.
“Wow,” Frank breathed. “She’s something alright. Right Len?”
“You bet,” Len quipped. “I never thought you could have a good looking boss.”
Skull Boy smacked himself in the face, embarrassed. “I’m so sorry,” he told Dolce, quietly. She didn’t even seem bothered by this.
“So you’re the boss Skull Boy keeps talking about?” Iris asked.
“You must be very cultured. Just look at that tribal face paint,” Poe said. “Zuni, am I right?”
“No. Eet’s Aztec.”
“Well that can’t be dear lady. The Aztecs were on the other side of the world,” Po
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You Think You Know a Gloom Chapter 7
A week passed. No one tried to fix the house. No one could. Everyone’s time was taken up by the search for Ruby’s kidnapper. Iris rode Squig to different parts of Gloomsville asking anyone if they knew what happened. The ghost family that haunted the house knew nothing. For a few days they didn’t even know what happened to the house.
“You kids really need to redecorate in here,” said the head ghost, Mr. White. “This place is a death trap. If you don’t clean up I have feeling the family is gonna get a bit bigger.”
Iris next option was to go see their neighbor Mr. Mumbles. Strangely enough Mr. Mumbles house was not broken from the tremor even though it was made of glass. Iris told him their story and their dilemma.
“Aye, this is a tragedy if there ever was one Iris,” he admitted. “I hope that wherever Miss Ruby is, she isn’t in pain.”
“You mean you don’t know?” Iris asked, defeated.
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Happy New Year and Happy Holidays everyone!

Needless to say this year was much better than the last, at least in terms of everything I’ve managed to get done and accomplish. Here’s a short list of everything I’ve done so far:


For the first time I’ve watched:

The Wolf Man


Night of the Living Dead

Creature from the Black Lagoon




Dear Zachery: A letter to a Son about his Father

An American Werewolf in London

House of Wax

Big Fish

Going Clear

The Cove



Inside Out

The Good Dinosaur

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari


Strange Magic

Sponge out of Water

The Original Star Wars trilogy


I’ve joined the fandom of Ruby Gloom and wrote for it an 18-chapter fan fic. I’ve also taken up a love in cereal mascots. Yay for me.


I’ve opened up commissions for the first time.


I quit eating beef and red meat.


I’ve (kinda) conquered my fear of bloodtests.


I’ve attended my first year of community college and passed with an A.


Mouse the Witching Cat and another book of mine, the Menagerie of Magical Beasts, were not only written but finished.


Mouse is going through its final drafts, including pictures, editing, fin-tuning and grammar correction.


I sorta-kinda took place in the October challenge and finished it over on my second account.



So here’s what I plan on getting done in 2016:


-I’m retiring Ghost Peacock’s account and moving my work to FrankiLew.

-I’ll be deleting my tumblr accounts FrankiDoesDrSeuss, Dislestia, and Mr. Centipede.

-I hope to complete Mouse.

-Halloween Town will get a cleanup job.

-Most of my existing stories online will be edited and polished for your viewing.


New Years Resolutions:

-Partake in more challenges

-Write more

-Exercise more

-Learn up on other cultures and historical accuracy (for science…)

-Get my first paid job with a full routine!

-Oh, and Shelby. Shelby needs to be more healthy so I’m gonna monitor her eating behavior, her socialization and take her with me exercising as much as I can. She used to exercise with me all the time, I bet she misses it.   


I hope to keep impressing you not only by becoming more professional but by being a better person, learning more, acting more mature, and following more people. 

As for retiring Ghost-Peacock and my tumblrs, here’s what you need to know:

-I will not stop drawing fan art. My favorite art from Ghost Peacock will be reuploaded to FrankiLew and I’ll be making more fan art there.

I will also be retaking my position as founder for at least one of my groups as FrankiLew. The other might be passed off to someone who I think is more qualified than me to handle leadership of a fan group.

-It will take me awhile to completely abandon Ghost Peacock as I will be deleting art I don’t really want potential employers seeing (mature art), hence why the Dislestia tumblr’s gotta go.

Just wanted to give you all an update and a forewaring. Thank you all for the lovely years this account has had, and I hope you follow me to other places.
Also, yes, commissions are still open and ready as ever. To the people who commissioned me with enough money to buy my family what they needed this Christmas: you made the season for me and I love you all very much.



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wcarroll216 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016
Can i please ask why your deleting all of your Dr Seuss work ai liked it you emulated Seuss's style to a tee. I really miss them
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Why'd you take off so much of your MLP stuff? I loved that stuff.
Ghost-Peacock Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2016  Student General Artist
I'm reuploadin my stuff to account #2.
Tell me if there's something you want to see.
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