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My Little OCs by Ghost-Peacock My Little OCs by Ghost-Peacock
My original pony characters who in my head canon do not come into play except for years prior to the show or 7 or so years after so they do not distrupt to much of the show's material.

Bailey Bean
A zebra-pony hybrid, or a zony as some would call her. She is about the age of the now teenaged CMC and was invited into their click after being bullied by Dimond Tiara for her weird markings. She has a single mother and her father is out of the picture. She has never met a zebra except for Zecora, and she is very wary of her heritage as one.
Her special talent is working with vegetables and beans, so her cutie mark resembles beans.

Webster Trots
Twin brother of Charleston Trots and older brother of Pipsqueak Trots.
Once upon a time the Trot brothers of Trottingham had a peaceful life with their aristocrat parents in their quiet little British village. Then one day their parents died and their grandparents gobbled up their estate, so the brothers moved to ponyville, ruining Webster’s dream of becoming an advisor of the princess. Naturally Webster is bitter about what he’s lost and is protective of what he has left, though he doesn’t like to show it. He barely ever spends time with his brothers and when he does he actually uses them to his own advantage. He is particularly mad at Twilight for her good luck and he has a crush on Luna, who does not know he exists.
Webster is obviously a bookworm and while he isn’t as talented at magic as Twilight he is very good at sorting and keeping information. He truly is a dictionary.

Charleston Trots
Twin brother of Charleston Trots and older brother of Pipsqueak Trots.
Charleston Trots is a performer who usually attends public gatherings, shows, and other spectacles in ponyville while his brother Webster is studying. He’s very loud and very full of himself. He spends a lot more time with his little brother Pipsqueak than Webster, or at least doesn’t use his little brother to get to Princess Luna. Charleston is obsessed with mares and how many he can get to swoon over him. He has hit on every one of the mane 6 but only two have tried him out and got out of a relationship with him quickly. The first is Rarity who thought he was handsome but could barely stay the night with him, and the second was Fluttershy who was too nice to turn him down.
Charleston’s talent is singing and dancing, particularly jazz music. His voice is straight out of the roarin’ 20’s.

Thrilling Flash
The cousin of Rainbow Dash, inspired from her G3 incarceration, only without a British accent. She would visit twice a year, for Hearth’s Warming Eve and the Summer Sun Celebration where she would annoy Dash and Gilda. She went on to marry into Gilda’s family and have a kid named Shuffle Buck. She loves her son but when she can’t watch him, which is a lot, she dumps him on her cousin.
She’s a bit of a diva and shopaholic, but like Rarity her talent is designing clothes. Most of her outfits are louder and over the top then Rarity’s though, so Dash has gone on to nickname her the “fruit bowl”.

The quiet (emo) brother of Gilda who was named for his almost pitch black fur and feathers, and it also fit when he got a job at the weather factory for getting rid of gloomy storm clouds.
He loves his wife and son but isn’t to fond of Rainbow Dash or the way she treated his sister.

Shuffle Buck
Thrilling Flash and Shadowshowers’ hippogriff son and Rainbow Dash’s nephew. Dash watches Shuffle mostly so she can get her cousin out of her hair, and Gilda’s family for that matter. Still she loves the little guy, and Shuffle Buck loves her back! He likes visiting auntie Dash and going on rides with her through Cloudsdale till they finally crash out at one of her friends’ houses and down all their food.
Shuffle is pony and griffon, meaning that he can in fact get a cutie mark. His is a pair of dancing shoes.e is half pony so he can get a cutie mark. His special talent is dancing.

Rose Spondee
The first child of Cadence and Shinning Armor. She may not be an alicorn, but she is sure treated like a princess. Most everypony in her family adores her. Shining certainly isn’t the type of parent who believes in punishing a child. As a toddler, she liked running underfoot of his guards, but Shining didn’t notice or care.
Her mother and aunt have shared many good stories with her from day one, in particular romance epics (this is Cadence after all). Even with a calling as a dutiful princess, she is more fascinating in reading and writing then anything else. In short: Spondee is a terrible leader. Luckily their later child was more then happy to fill her duties.

The long-lost son of Zecora. She lost sight of him when they were attacked by a manticore while they were moving to ponyville. Zecora is awfully touchy-feeling about her missing boy and does not speak of him at all. When Twilight offered to help her find him, she brushed her off, assuming he was dead anyway.

The alicorn spirit of insanity and dreams. He is haunting, creepy, mischievous, but remarkably not evil. He knows what your thinking, what you want, what you’re afraid of, the good in you, the bad in you, everything about everything. So where is he? Well Psychosis’ craft helped a young Discord perfect his talent for manipulating and distorting people’s personalities. When Discord challenged Psychosis to a dual he was no match for the powerful spirit of chaos and was imprisoned in a self-conscious realm of the mind, the “Hidden Path” as he calls it. Luckily for him when Discord was imprisoned, he was also subconscious, so for the next thousand years Psychosis spent every opportunity he could torturing the draconequus.
Psychosis has an eye for a cutie mark and it prevents him from ever completely closing his eyes in the Hidden Path. They are always open, always watching.

Discord’s mother who died thousands of years ago while her cursed offspring lived on. She is the first ever pony to bear a child with the draconequus curse. She was pregnant during the founding of Equestria, and even after the three tribes became one refused to care for any ponies that weren’t unicorns.
Eris did not hate her son but she certainly didn’t love him. In fact Eris is the only thing one could use to beat Discord at his own game. His mother was the one who he learned all his morals from and deep down he knows she didn’t love him. The thought of ever seeing her again horrifies him.

Discord’s father and captain of Princess Platinum’s guard. He hated his son and the shame he brought to their family, refusing to recognize Discord as a “he” but rather an “it”. Deep down, Aaron was not all bad, but he and his wife were far from the nicest ponies. Aaron almost threatened to rebel against Princess Platinum for the union of the three tribes, but no one sided with him after the birth of his chaotic son who almost destroyed what would later become Canterlot.

The mother of Sombra before he became king. She and her son were peasants who grew fruit for the queen of the Crystal Empire. But after their farm was destroyed they went bankrupt and were sent to live on the streets. There she lived only for her son until she suffered a fatal blow from a unicorn and eventually died from it.
The death of his mother broke Sombra until the small, pathetic little blank flank was reborn as a heartless spirit of hatred and evil. Luckily, unlike Discord, he doesn’t remember her.

A very curious filly that appeared before Soarin after he was kicked out of the wonderbolts. She turned out to be a sea pony and loved having a friend to talk to for once as no pony ever comes to say hi to her in the water.

Lots of these look bad because my scanner messed up. Thrilling and Webster suffered the most with all that blur you see. And Thrilling is by far my most favorite to draw of all of these.
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I like the backstory of King Sombra and his mother. And little Xavier is just adorable.
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