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November 26, 2012
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The Thinks of Solla Sollew by Ghost-Peacock The Thinks of Solla Sollew by Ghost-Peacock
Of all the fandoms I'm in, none of the have as much "saga" material as my Dr. Seuss multiverse, which is why I made a tumblr for it. Lot's of the stories are about different charcters, and even if no children will ever read them if I finish them, I still want them to be on a level for a child to understand.

The Lifted Lorax
In which the Lorax, now without a home or purpose, is harrassed by the Cat in the Hat who wants to find him a new home (it is the Cat afterall, it’s to much for poor Lorax). Of course if you’ve read TToSS, you know who certain beech dwelling collony is in need of an environmental activist.

Lesson: Stay positive and always look on the bright side of things

Sam’s replacement
Gus throws Sam out because of some mess he’s caused and swears he can do just fine without his little roommate. Sam meanwhile is devestated by it and can’t live without Gus’s apology.

Lesson: don’t take your anger out on those you really care about.

A day in Whoville
The Grinch wakes up to find the Cat, who happens to be “friends” with him, has crashed out at his house over night and has made himself completely at home. He then decides to see what Grinchy does the rest of his day in Whoville.

Lesson: ???

Morton’s first flight
Morton the Elephant bird has just learned to fly, but against the wishes of his mother and father flies to far and is blown miles away from nool. Luckily a kind but strange hermit who is amazed by any evidence of animal life finds and rescues the little hybrid.

Lesson: don’t try to act more mature when you know you aren’t.

Happy Birthday Birthday Bird
The Cat in the Hat is devistated when he finds that Birthday Bird does not remember his birthday, so he decides to give him something special to make up for it. Birthday Bird however can’t dwaddle as he has the most important birthday of all to get to.

Lesson: There are times to be selfless and times not to. Be greatful when someone tries to do something good for you.

The Cat with no Hat
During a particularly rainy day, the Cat in the Hat’s hat blows right off. Naturally the Cat is saddened but the Little Cats and Things are there to cheer him up until they find it. But they better hurry. Without his hat the Cat slowly starts to become an average housecat again.

Lesson: ???

Foo Foo the Snoo
The Cat meets up with an old fo of his; Foo Foo the Snoo, a mean think with the exact same occupation as his only when she comes to your house she does not endorse fun but order and discipline. The two compete in a battle of wits, and it only gets more hair raising when the Things and Cat Jr. get caught in the middle.

Lesson: Do not oppress your imagination.

The great split
Thing 1 and Thing 2 get into a disagreement and go their separate ways. Each other tries to make Cat Jr. their new twin but in the end only the Cat can break things up.

Lesson: Divided, you actually accomplish less.

Fox loves socks
Mr. Knox asks Fox in Socks to watch his kids, Ichabod and Izzy, while he goes out. They decide to play a game cross-country.

Lesson: ???

Enemy day
All the thinks across the land line up for a holiday in rememberance of the fallen Zooks and Yooks who blew each other away when they couldn’t compromise. So everybody meets up with an enemy of theirs (to a certain degree) and have a day where they get along.

Lesson: At some point or another you must get along with your enemies, even when it isn’t permanent.

Max goes missing
Grinch looses his dog Max and presumes the worst, even when the worst could not possibly happen.

Lesson: Try to stay calm and avoid getting paranoid.

The Jibboo
The direct sequel to the Thinker of Solla Sollew.
Everyone in Solla Sollew, even the Cat is hostile of a wandering think that comes into town named the Jibboo. Cat Jr, not knowing what’s wrong only that his father doesn’t want him involved, follows and finds that the Jibboo was and is a terribly unlucky think that can only imagine horrible things, even when he doesn’t mean to. When he came to Solla Sollew to get away from his troubles, he ended up thinking up the glunk and being responsible for the destruction of the town.

Lesson: Learn to move on from the loss of loved ones

Cousin Sylvestor is in town
Sam’s passive-aggressive cousin, a think named Sylvestor McMonkey McBean, crashes at his and Gus’s complex. At first Sam can’t do anything as Sylvestor is family, but they decide that there might be a simpler solution to getting him to leave: Green Eggs and Ham.

Lesson: Anyone can be a bully, even family.

Gus the theater think
Gus reveals to Sam what he’s been doing with most of his life after their childhood together. He was a performer/magician alongside his cousin (Mrs. in the Hat). After his career ended due bankruptcy and his family rejected him, he hasn’t been able to sing the same way.

Lesson: Take pride in what you accomplished, even if it ended in failure.

Fishing for cat fish
The Cat decides to take his son out for a day of the Vihper of Vip, but C. J. is deathly afraid of Catfish. That’s alright though. It turns out the Cat isn’t a big fan of swimming.

Lesson: Face small fears

Dahoo Doris
The Grinch is roped into telling his story to Cindy Lou Who’s friends. All while all the rest of the characters decorate a Truffula Tree with food for the Lorax.

Lesson: Christmas!!!!

Double dad
The Cat pulls a trick for Gus and Sam involving their hats but it goes wrong and instead of getting their hats back, a think that is combination of both of them pops out instead. The two name their “son” Benette and decide to take care of him until they find him new home, naturally becoming attached to him. Other thinks in town meanwhile find it odd that Benette has two fathers but no mother.

Lesson: It doesn’t matter who brought you up, whoever you loved will be your parent.
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